Project Management Life Cycle and Templates Benefits

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Project management life cycle comprise of four stages- Initiation, Planning, Executing and Closure. Each project is pass through the Initiation phase. The project management life cycle execute one after the previous stage. This life cycle helps in improving the project in terms of quality, time delivery and effectiveness.

Documentation is the indispensable part of Project Management. To save time and to give a professional look to documentation. Project Management Templates are helpful.

Alongside infographics showing the Project Management Templates benefits.

Project Management Templates Benefits
Project Management Templates Benefits

Project Management Key Aspects.

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As a project manager, your success hinges on using the least amount of time and resources to achieve your objectives. Easiersaid than done, right?

 Project Management aspects that needs to be considered and are important:

A) Gantt Chat:

The Gantt chart is a bar chart by Henry Gantt in 1910 for analyzing project schedule. It includes following aspects:

1) Start and Finish Date.

2) Work Breakdown Structure.

Gantt is one of the form of Project management tools that are used in Project Management.

B) Time Sheet:

In the Project Management World Time Sheet timesheets are used to build a body of knowledge about how much effort tasks take to develop. The most interesting part of the timesheet is that it tracks resource cost and Project expenses.

C)Dash Boards:

Following are some tips that are required for Project management Dashboard:

Fully Customizable: With fully customizable dashboard, you can choose only the information you care about and rid your screen of unnecessary clutter.


Should be able to see relevant information for specific team, Project etc.

Benefits for Managing Projects to Small Business by Project Management Templates

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Project management templates are standard documents, which are formatted so that they are ready to use. Most often, your project management skills may not up to the mark when you start a small business, as it includes all kinds of reports, project closure documents, communication, teamwork, administration, and more. Get Project Template, provide you the best solution to all your project management needs in the form of project templates, and let you focus on your business goals.

Project management Project Management Template Sample

Benefits of Project Templates

  •  Professional Look: One of the top priorities of establishing your brand in the market is to have professional designs. Our project templates are developed with unique design ideas to help your business stand out from the crowd and become visible in the market. They are crafted by experts who possess the complete, updated knowledge and have the requisite expertise to help you meet the current demands. All our PMI templates cover every detail required for the project and report deliveries from start to end, and are aligned with international standards.
  •  Time Saving: Time is a very crucial factor for small businesses, as they need to multiply their productivity and honor commitments. Since our templates already have instructions and tables that are professionally prepared, preparing high quality documents can be done within the minimum timeframe.
  •  Quality: At Get Project Templates never compromise on quality, but at the same time, ensure that quality doesn’t break the bank of our clients, especially those having a small business to manage. We ensure that every template we offer is designed professionally, and is absolutely error-free to boost your brand image in the industry. Irrespective of whether it is an individual presentation or group assignments, all our PMI templates are refined to meet your needs the best.

To simply put, the benefits of using project management tools or templates to manage your small business are:

  • They have every detail included.
  • They include various materials like tables and charts.
  • They are designed to meet international standards.
  • They are suitable for every size and type of project.
  • They are very user-friendly.

To top it all, our customer-friendly staff can help you at every step that you need guidance for. So, do business the smarter way with our project management toolkit.

Project Management Templates the improved way to manage projects.

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Project management is a demanding task with complicated responsibilities. As you progress with your career, you may, at times, find yourself faced with more difficult challenges than usual. These may include organization of different people and clients, vital decision making, completion of tasks in a particular sequence as well as handling of finances. In order to be a successful project manager, you must be able to utilize the least amount of time and resources in fulfilling your goals.

Every project is unique and must be dealt with in a distinctive manner. The managerial structure has to be designed to fit with the project requirements. Fortunately, there are countless tools available to assist the completion of tasks and execution of responsibilities. These tools are usually offered as software  project management methodology.

With Project management templates you can:

  • Organize and plan your work: Often, you will find that there are too many things to concentrate on, or that you have to juggle more than one project at a time. This can get utterly confusing and leave you flurried. Templates to make your job easier as they provide you with a clear picture of the project and its structure.
  • Safeguard critical information: Managers are required to hold meetings, discussions, analyze data, decide on budgets, plans, schedules and handle various other tasks simultaneously. It is not possible to commit this amount of information to human memory alone. You can avoid the risk of forgetting aspects of it by recording all information related to the project in well designed templates.
  • Ensure efficient quality: Most templates offer an assortment of graphs, charts, fields and tables as well as themes, templates, styles, and fonts, ensuring that the final product is of very high quality. Moreover, you can customize it the way you want to, keeping your customer’s preference in mind.
  • Take a load of pressure off your shoulders: Working on a project is no mean task. It keeps you grilled under pressure and can lead to mistakes and slips. Under strict time constraints, it is frustrating if you have to redo the work all over again. Project sponsors strictly look for compliance with project schedules while also expecting the highest quality results. This is where Project Management Institute templates can come handy.
  • Save money and time: With a lot of information to gather, evaluate, and communicate about, if you don’t have a system that supports quick processing, you will find that you don’t have time to handle them all. What’s more, you will incur higher costs if you were to handle the entire project manually.

When you are working under time constraints, it can be very daunting to build a project right from scratch. PMI Tool  helps to smooth out the process. Moreover, when decisions, agreements, plans and data are documented and presented in a professional manner, it ensures greater client satisfaction. So, start using these templates if you aren’t already using them.

Project Management Templates The way to save your time and efforts.

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Project management can be defined as an organized and planned way to perform specific goals. An example would be building, constructing or installing a new computer. It involves detailed and specific preparation, processing and managing of resources to accomplish the desired project end. All managers work under a tight schedule in their respective domains and are required to deliver their assigned work within a stipulated time. With so many angles to look into, the overall task may get exceedingly hectic and end up falling apart, this is where project  templates can help. Such templates are now being used for faster and more adept handling of projects. It doesn’t matter how small or big your company is. A wide variety of industries like finance, phase evaluation, child care, real estate, tourism are switching over to PMI templates to perform tasks in a jiffy.

Some potential areas where Project management templates can help include:


  • Optimize the time quotient: Imagine all the abstruse paperwork and planning that goes into executing a project. You have so much information to process, data to collect and discuss with your group that without a proper support system, the project will fall right through the cracks. If projects are not recorded and made available to each member in the group, it can lead to unpleasant arguments that will only slow down you further. Templates make your work faster by keeping you updated on the project’s progress.
  • Lets your efforts trigger efficient output: Consider the prospect of having to construct your project all by yourself right from its foundation, or in other words, from scratch. With no head start, this can be a cumbersome and long drawn process. After analyzing the task and gathering your group, you can use templates to prepare records that will help guide your group through the project cycle. Control templates like Time Control procedure, Cost Control Process, Expense Register and many others help you to execute tasks with half the amount of effort you would have otherwise needed.

Therefore, it can be concluded that templates save time and effort, in addition to increasing efficiency and output of your work manifolds.

Different Benefits Of Using Project Templates

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Project templates are found in almost every company and department these days. No matter what the business of a firm or company is about, today you will find most of them using these templates for executing their tasks. This naturally suggests that there is some significant value in them that have led to their widespread use.

Project Management Templates Benefits

A closer inspection of PMI templates reveals the following benefits:

  • Save time: If you are a manager working round the clock to meet project deadlines, you will know how nerve wracking that can get. By having a pre-planned format to follow, the task becomes easier and more structured, thus minimizing any wastage of time researching information on how to go about the project.


  • Reduce effort: They provide you with control over all aspects of the project. Expensive, time management, plans, data, and transactions – all are recorded under one place so that you can cross check or refer to them at any moment without having to move around worrying where what is. Tutorials and pointers offer easy understanding.


  • Provide clarity and structure: With so many things to handle all at once, the task can get very confusing. Templates are designed in a way that they can be easily followed to organize your work in a better way. The completed templates give a clear picture of what the end result will look like and thereby help in a smoother operation.


  • Protect project information: The execution of a project involves numerous meetings, discussions, planning and data collection. In other words, it’s about non-stop accumulation of facts and figures. Is it safe to commit all of these to fragile human memory? They help you to keep track of every last detail concerning your project, without the risk of losing any vital information.


  • Ensure customer satisfaction: Templates provide you with a wide range of tables, controls, graphs, themes, styles and fonts so that you can customize it to your liking or to your customer’s preference, the latter playing a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction.


In short, project management templates can make your work faster and more efficient with their inbuilt support tools and varied features.


Project Templates Planning, Organizing, and Managing project goals and objectives

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Project management is a demanding process of organizing, planning, gathering and motivating resources to accomplish the desired goal. And it must be added that this is to be achieved in the least possible amount of time with the highest attainable quality. How well you handle your projects affect not only your position but also that of the company or firm you work for. Researching about methods of project management via the online mode or in books may lead to success. A lot has been written about how to manage a project successfully.

Why do a majority of projects in real life fail? Organising Project Management

The answer is simple. You do not have the time to waste looking up pointers. You do not have the time to risk a goof up. You will inevitably end up exceeding the budget, deadline or resources.

How does a template score over manual project management?

  • They ensure a structured organization:Project management templates help you to organize your work in a timely and efficient manner. These templates give you the much needed clarity and structure when you are swimming amidst the various things that you need to concentrate upon. The questions and checklists in the templates serve as guides to make sure that all the details are included in the plan. Thus, the completion of the project has a better chance of being feasible. Project templates embody the project process and serve as vehicles to take you forward from start to finish.
  • They help in bringing cohesiveness: Projects involve the constant processing of information. When you are using PMI templates, all the facts, figures and data are collected and recorded at one place and not scattered amongst the different group members. Everyone is able to keep a copy of the project, which in turn leaves little room for disagreements. It helps in instilling confidence in everyone related to the project by making them feel that their work is under their control.

When decisions, plans and agreements are presented in a structured manner, customers are likely to feel that they are working with professionals. Furthermore, completed project templates give you a clear picture of the work’s end result, thereby assisting in decision making processes.