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7 Traits of Successful Project Manager

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From several decades in all the industry verticals project management is the indispensable part. Every project manager take the support of industry based project management templates to deliver the project timely with meeting all the requirements. Along with the productive tool, project manager traits is also important to collaborate the team to achieve the common goal.
Project Manager Traits


RACI CHART in Project Management

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RACI Chart is a type of tool in six sigma. Six sigma methodologies encourage organization to bring project team members to participate in developing the overall project after providing training. As all the project members are aware of six sigma methodology, it is easy to locate the exact problem with the solution to execute the project successfully. This increase the company’s productivity and meeting the objective of clients within a predefined period.

In project management, conflict arises due to allocation of tasks and responsibility. This unexpectedly delay the project. To clear the task allocation and its responsibility RACI Chart is used.

RACI Chart is also known as RACI matrix or ARCI matrix, a tool for decision making and defining the roles. It is a simple matrix to relate the job and resource person/functional role. The right letter (R, A, C, I) is entered at the intersection cell. The letter is assigned is such a way that overall project progress will improve from the initial starting phase of the project to the completion of the project by keeping the resource person strength and capability.

RACI Chart
RACI Chart

Responsible – Main resource person that will perform the allocated task.

Accountable – The person responsible for verifying the completion of allocated tasks and its result.

Consulted – Authenticate person helps in completing the task and decision making during the process.

Informed – Person informed about the project progress.

Depending the size and members of the project, a matrix of RACI chart can vary.

Advantage of RACI Chart

  • Clear allocation of the roles within an organization
  • Identifying the gaps in project progress
  • Resolving the conflicts as soon as arises
  • To measure the individual contribution to the project
  • To quantify the workload on the individual person

To avoid the conflict and to increase the performance of the project progress RACI chart is very helpful. Many organizations have set up it as a culture from ground level. Using the RACI chart project templates startups and small businesses can take the more advantage in the overall performance of the project.

Top 10 Rules of Project Management

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Project Management Templates are evolving daily. Many changes takes place frequently. Every project managers has to cope this change and strive for delivering the project effectively and efficiently. The unique reasons behind the dramatic changes in Project Management is –

Every organization encourage to all the members in managing the project effectively from all the corner of te project. All the corners are not only restrict to the project risk management, meeting minutes and project team evaluation. Without set of common objective, every member – project managers, internal & external stakeholders, PMO to work together effectively.

Top 10 Rules Project Manager
Top 10 Rules Project Manager

With keeping in mind this goal, I have created a ‘Top 10 Rules of Project Management’

  1. Professional & Business Value: The goal of all project work is to gain trust of all with Professional & Business Value.
  2. Decision Power: Allow project staff to make decisions about methodology and balance between schedule, resources and budget when mandatory.
  3. Organisation Perspective: Consider the impact of project decisions on organisation valuealong with project.
  4. Responsibility & Shared Accountability: Create loyalty to a shared vision of project outcomes for individual as well as whole staff.
  5. Stakeholder Cooperation: Organise personal connections with internal and external stakeholders.
  6. Proactivity: Take a self initiative approach to locate problems and solution for it during project management.
  7. Risk Management: Convey tradeoffs between project and portfolio risks.
  8. Time Management: Motivate project managers to value time—when making project execution decisions, conducting meetings and change request.
  9. Productivity Value: Keep toe on productivity value from all corner of the projects.
  10. Reutilize: When possible, utilize existing system, tools and templates before purchasing new ones.

Above top 10 rules are necessary to communicate and understood to every member from top to bottom. Also make sure new PM must aware of new principle of project management tools and system design.

PMI Templates For Accelerating Project Management

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The management of a project is an organized and planned work in order to accomplish the particular goal of the company like building construction or introducing a new personal computer of your brand. The project strategy must be created that includes confirming and defining the project aims and goals. Next is to identify the tasks and the easiest ways to attain that task. Understand the sources required and figure out the budgets necessary for the components of project management. There are three main levels or phases while planning. They are planning the project, implementing the project and evaluation of the project.PMI Templates

In order to successfully complete the project in an effective way you must organize and manage the resources available to meet the objectives of the project. In the management the project templates, it plays a major role in saving your time and effort to produce an effective project. By making use of the project templates in the project will aid you in saving effort and time, cost of financial savings will increase, project dangers will be decreased, the quality of delivery will be increased, monitoring will be efficient, provider management would be much better, employers higher carrying out and project success will be higher.

Many experts in the key firms and organizations use the project templates for creating the highest quality paperwork of their projects. The professional documents are produced by the templates. Some of the project templates which are commonly liked are feasibility examine, job description, company instances phase evaluation type and project constitution. By creating the simple templates helps you create vital items rather than wasting time in creating the innovative project items. If the paperwork of project management is great then it naturally enhances the profit delivery of the company.

Since implementing your ideas you planning must be fantastic and easy to understand the concept. The project templates prepared must be professional which gives the information about the company’s services and products. By using these templates one can easily accelerate their project management. While creating the templates you can take the help of skilled or professional experts.

Project Management Life Cycle and Templates Benefits

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Project management life cycle comprise of four stages- Initiation, Planning, Executing and Closure. Each project is pass through the Initiation phase. The project management life cycle execute one after the previous stage. This life cycle helps in improving the project in terms of quality, time delivery and effectiveness.

Documentation is the indispensable part of Project Management. To save time and to give a professional look to documentation. Project Management Templates are helpful.

Alongside infographics showing the Project Management Templates benefits.

Project Management Templates Benefits
Project Management Templates Benefits

Project Management Key Aspects.

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As a project manager, your success hinges on using the least amount of time and resources to achieve your objectives. Easiersaid than done, right?

 Project Management aspects that needs to be considered and are important:

A) Gantt Chat:

The Gantt chart is a bar chart by Henry Gantt in 1910 for analyzing project schedule. It includes following aspects:

1) Start and Finish Date.

2) Work Breakdown Structure.

Gantt is one of the form of Project management tools that are used in Project Management.

B) Time Sheet:

In the Project Management World Time Sheet timesheets are used to build a body of knowledge about how much effort tasks take to develop. The most interesting part of the timesheet is that it tracks resource cost and Project expenses.

C)Dash Boards:

Following are some tips that are required for Project management Dashboard:

Fully Customizable: With fully customizable dashboard, you can choose only the information you care about and rid your screen of unnecessary clutter.


Should be able to see relevant information for specific team, Project etc.

Benefits for Managing Projects to Small Business by Project Management Templates

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Project management templates are standard documents, which are formatted so that they are ready to use. Most often, your project management skills may not up to the mark when you start a small business, as it includes all kinds of reports, project closure documents, communication, teamwork, administration, and more. Get Project Template, provide you the best solution to all your project management needs in the form of project templates, and let you focus on your business goals.

Project management Project Management Template Sample

Benefits of Project Templates

  •  Professional Look: One of the top priorities of establishing your brand in the market is to have professional designs. Our project templates are developed with unique design ideas to help your business stand out from the crowd and become visible in the market. They are crafted by experts who possess the complete, updated knowledge and have the requisite expertise to help you meet the current demands. All our PMI templates cover every detail required for the project and report deliveries from start to end, and are aligned with international standards.
  •  Time Saving: Time is a very crucial factor for small businesses, as they need to multiply their productivity and honor commitments. Since our templates already have instructions and tables that are professionally prepared, preparing high quality documents can be done within the minimum timeframe.
  •  Quality: At Get Project Templates never compromise on quality, but at the same time, ensure that quality doesn’t break the bank of our clients, especially those having a small business to manage. We ensure that every template we offer is designed professionally, and is absolutely error-free to boost your brand image in the industry. Irrespective of whether it is an individual presentation or group assignments, all our PMI templates are refined to meet your needs the best.

To simply put, the benefits of using project management tools or templates to manage your small business are:

  • They have every detail included.
  • They include various materials like tables and charts.
  • They are designed to meet international standards.
  • They are suitable for every size and type of project.
  • They are very user-friendly.

To top it all, our customer-friendly staff can help you at every step that you need guidance for. So, do business the smarter way with our project management toolkit.