RACI CHART in Project Management

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RACI Chart is a type of tool in six sigma. Six sigma methodologies encourage organization to bring project team members to participate in developing the overall project after providing training. As all the project members are aware of six sigma methodology, it is easy to locate the exact problem with the solution to execute the project successfully. This increase the company’s productivity and meeting the objective of clients within a predefined period.

In project management, conflict arises due to allocation of tasks and responsibility. This unexpectedly delay the project. To clear the task allocation and its responsibility RACI Chart is used.

RACI Chart is also known as RACI matrix or ARCI matrix, a tool for decision making and defining the roles. It is a simple matrix to relate the job and resource person/functional role. The right letter (R, A, C, I) is entered at the intersection cell. The letter is assigned is such a way that overall project progress will improve from the initial starting phase of the project to the completion of the project by keeping the resource person strength and capability.

RACI Chart
RACI Chart

Responsible – Main resource person that will perform the allocated task.

Accountable – The person responsible for verifying the completion of allocated tasks and its result.

Consulted – Authenticate person helps in completing the task and decision making during the process.

Informed – Person informed about the project progress.

Depending the size and members of the project, a matrix of RACI chart can vary.

Advantage of RACI Chart

  • Clear allocation of the roles within an organization
  • Identifying the gaps in project progress
  • Resolving the conflicts as soon as arises
  • To measure the individual contribution to the project
  • To quantify the workload on the individual person

To avoid the conflict and to increase the performance of the project progress RACI chart is very helpful. Many organizations have set up it as a culture from ground level. Using the RACI chart project templates startups and small businesses can take the more advantage in the overall performance of the project.


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