Top 10 Rules of Project Management

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Project Management Templates are evolving daily. Many changes takes place frequently. Every project managers has to cope this change and strive for delivering the project effectively and efficiently. The unique reasons behind the dramatic changes in Project Management is –

Every organization encourage to all the members in managing the project effectively from all the corner of te project. All the corners are not only restrict to the project risk management, meeting minutes and project team evaluation. Without set of common objective, every member – project managers, internal & external stakeholders, PMO to work together effectively.

Top 10 Rules Project Manager
Top 10 Rules Project Manager

With keeping in mind this goal, I have created a ‘Top 10 Rules of Project Management’

  1. Professional & Business Value: The goal of all project work is to gain trust of all with Professional & Business Value.
  2. Decision Power: Allow project staff to make decisions about methodology and balance between schedule, resources and budget when mandatory.
  3. Organisation Perspective: Consider the impact of project decisions on organisation valuealong with project.
  4. Responsibility & Shared Accountability: Create loyalty to a shared vision of project outcomes for individual as well as whole staff.
  5. Stakeholder Cooperation: Organise personal connections with internal and external stakeholders.
  6. Proactivity: Take a self initiative approach to locate problems and solution for it during project management.
  7. Risk Management: Convey tradeoffs between project and portfolio risks.
  8. Time Management: Motivate project managers to value time—when making project execution decisions, conducting meetings and change request.
  9. Productivity Value: Keep toe on productivity value from all corner of the projects.
  10. Reutilize: When possible, utilize existing system, tools and templates before purchasing new ones.

Above top 10 rules are necessary to communicate and understood to every member from top to bottom. Also make sure new PM must aware of new principle of project management tools and system design.


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